CHEWTON MENDIP            Destination      Bread and Beyond

Possible starting places are Radstock, Clapton, or Chilcompton.

See below the map for details of the route from Radstock

chewton map

Outward                                                                                                    OpenStreetMap

From Radstock, take the Norton Radstock Greenway towards Northmead Road.

Left up Northmead Road

Right into Underhill Lane (before the zebra crossing)

Left into Orchard Vale, continue up the hill and through Greenacres.


Right onto Clapton Road

Continue for about 1 mile to Clapton village


Left onto Thickthorn Lane

First right into lane to Ston Easton


Right onto A37

You are only on this main road for 400m; use the footpath if you prefer

1st left at bus stop / Claire Hall Nursing Home

After 500m, stay on this main lane as it bends round to the right at Penny’s

Continue for another ¾ mile, ignore a lane to the left and proceed to T-junction at A39

Cross straight over the A39

After 500m, turn left into Field Lane to Chewton Mendip

Turn left onto B3114 to the main crossroads in the centre of the village

The village shop and bakery are on your right at the T-junction, just along from the Waldegrave Arms


Cross A39 to lane opposite, Cole’s Lane

Continue up this lane for a mile, ignoring turns near the beginning and those after about ¾ mile

Cross B3114 straight onto lane opposite

Continue along this lane for about ¾ mile, ignoring a lane to your right

At crossroads, turn left onto Townsend Lane

This reaches B3139 in about ¾ mile

Turn left onto B3139

At A37 T-junction, right then immediately left, staying on B3139

Continue to The Court and return through Clapton

Or – continue on B3139 to Norton Down; left onto B3355 Silver Street; right onto 5 Arches Cycle Track; then onto Norton Radstock Greenway

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