MAESBURY         Destination  -  Rocky Mountain Garden Centre cafe

 rocky map



Norton Radstock Greenway tw Northmead Road

Left up Northmead Road

Right into Underhill Lane (before zebra crossing)

Left into Orchard Vale, continue up the hill and through Greenacres


Right onto Clapton Road

Continue for about 1 mile to Clapton Village


1st left in Clapton into Greenditch Lane

Right into Crossway Lane

Left onto Thickthorn Lane

Continue for about 1 mile to The Court Hotel at B3139


Right onto B3139

Immediately left into Coalpit Lane

Continue for about 1 mile

Right into Stockhill Road

Immediately right again onto Stockhill tw Binegar, down a steep hill

Continue along Tape Lane through Gurneyslade Bottom

Continue to the T-junction of the A37


Right onto A37, past The George pub

Immediately left into Binegar Lane

1st Left into Neville’s Batch

1st Right into Binegar Bottom, continue to B3135


B3135 T-junction, cross straight over; it is a slight right and immediate left


At the next T-junction, turn left onto Old Frome Road

The Garden Centre and Café are immediately on your right


To Return

 Left out of Garden Centre

1st Right

Left onto B3135, continue for about ½ mile


Right into Bennett’s Lane (about 200m before B3139)

Continue for 1 mile to Binegar village

At crossroads, continue straight over into Turner’s Court Lane

After about ¾ mile, turn left tw Emborough Pond (left turn is just before an old railway line)


Right onto B3139

At A37 T-junction, right then immediately left, staying on B3139

Continue to The Court and return through Clapton

Or – continue on B3139 to Norton Down; left onto B3355 Silver Street; right onto 5 Arches Cycle Track; left onto Greenway

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